What makes us an expert in Content Marketing?


Ever wondered what type of Content should you be creating for your website or your Social Media pages? Are you still struggling with audience interaction and increase in total number of unique visitors on your website?

Keyword Analysis forms a crucial part in content creation. Images, Videos, Infographics, Blogs, Editorials when combined together with a content strategy makes your page SEO friendly.

Did you know that having at least one image in your post or blog can result in 64.9% increase in Facebook shares and 20.36% increase in Twitter shares. An Infographic in your editorial can result in an increase in the number of likes and shares upto three times more than the normal blogs or editorials. Also that there are 30 times more chances of users reading them than a text only editorial.

Our content marketing startegy is simple and effective, we first analyze all your online paltforms  and then come out  with the most suitable strategy. What makes us different is our unique approach in handling your accounts using multiple account management strategy.

Our Services Include:

  • Monthly content creation
  • Monthly content packages
  • Content Strategy
  • Monthly account analysis


To know more about how we can enhance your content on online marketing platforms, get in touch at corporate@thesocialmango.com. If you are a corporate organization, small business owner or an individual who wants maximum exposure and reach on any social media channels, leave us an email right away.

What We Do?

  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Creation (Website, Social Media Platforms, Blogs etc)
  • Audience Building
  • Content Curation
  • Advertorial & Editorial Creation
  • Specialized Content for B2B/ B2C Enterprises


Where We Do?
All Online Marketing Platforms:

  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Email Marketing
  • A lot more


Customer Retention

Generate Leads

Enhance SEO

Social Media Traction

Brand Identity